Topics for the IMOG Scientific Programme

Presentations will be in oral and poster formats.  Plenary morning sessions and parallel afternoon sessions are planned.  The balance between bio- and petroleum-oriented topics will be maintained.  While the final session topics will be based on the themes of submitted abstracts, papers are sought in the following broad areas:

  • Biogeochemistry
    All aspects of the field of biogeochemistry will be considered, including preservation and transformation of organic matter in the bio- and geosphere, degradation of organic matter, palaeoenvironment, stable isotopes, carbon and nitrogen cycles, marine chemistry.
  • Petroleum and Coal Geochemistry
    All topics related to petroleum formation and systems, with emphasis on geochemical controls on reservoir fluid properties, generation and migration of petroleum and gas, basin modelling, reservoir and production geochemistry, organic solids, kinetics, source rocks, fluid inclusions, and oil-rock interactions.  Subjects in the areas of coal geochemistry and petrology are also welcomed.
  • Environmental and Soil Geochemistry
    Industrial pollution and natural pollution, their sources and effects on the environment.  Alteration of organic matter as a result of pollution of the air, water, soil and sediments.
  • New Trends, Technologies and Innovations in Organic Geochemistry
    Application of organic geochemistry expertise and tools to new disciplines.  Interdisciplinary aspects of geochemistry (archaeology, biochemistry, DNA, oceanography), integrated and revolutionary studies.