Dear Colleagues,


We understand that some of you are experiencing problems with the registration process and we apologize for this.
Our team is working hard to resolve these issues and hopefully all will be solved in the next 1-2 weeks.
We have therefore extended the early registration fee deadline until 1st August 2017.

Please check the website regularly and send us update in case you still cant register.
For Organizing Committee


Artur Stankiewicz
EAOG Chair

The best way to register is by using the online registration form.
*If you encounter any problems during your registration, please note this might be caused due to firewall restrictions. We would advise you to register through a different network or computer.


Registration fees

Type                                                  Until   01-07        Until  10-09            From 11-09-2017

Member¹:                                       € 650.00              €    750.00                €     800.00

Non-Member:                             € 910.00              € 1,010.00               € 1,100.00

Student² :                                       € 200.00              €     250.00               €     300.00

Student Non-Member:          € 320.00              €     370.00               €     400.00

Partner Fee:                                 € 350.00              €     400.00               €     500.00


We would like to remind all participants that to be entitled to the discounted registration fee for this meeting you must have been an EAOG member in 2016 and 2017. For 2017 you need to renew your membership before March 31, 2017. Renewals made after March 31, 2017 will mean that you are registered as an EAOG member but will not allow you to register for the reduced fee for IMOG 2017. You can renew your membership by logging in to your membership account at the House of Geoscience website ( and selecting ‘Renew Membership’ in the My Profile menu. If you need help with renewing your membership, please contact House of Geoscience at

²Students must submit certificate confirming their student status with the registration.